Eckhaus lattax verdens peneste dame

eckhaus lattax verdens peneste dame

getting married (one of their films was shot over a honeymoon weekend in Berlin). Clearly, she wasnt wrong: instead of deciding on an initial project together to test the waters, shortly after they met, we got really ambitious and were like, lets make 10! Slide 1 of 18, see Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Patricia Arquette, and Hailey Gates Open Up About Working with Legendary Director David Lynch. Eckhaus said of the starting point for the Eckhaus Latta collection he and Latta had just shown, which they started working on earlier last fall. We were thinking about the push and pull of ones personal space, Eckhaus said. Rief History of Fashion's Most nsfw, Controversial Ad Campaigns. Based in New York and Los Angeles, they have become famous thanks to the continuous provocations and for their ability to create exclusively Gender Fluid clothes. Alexa Karolinski and Eckhaus Latta, Coco, 2017. Courtesy Alexa Karolinski and Eckhaus Latta.

For now, though, it looks like theyre sticking with that bubble. Why do we make clothes, and why do our lives center around these things? Given that their last campaign starred models having unsimulated sex, its perhaps no surprise that the only room used in designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Lattas latest project for their label. Were aware that the system we work in is not that democratic at the end of the day. Those faces dont lie. See Ws most popular videos. Heji Shin and have exceeded all limits. Its not the first time the brands videos have gotten museum treatment: Smile, their spring 2016 collection video, was even featured in the Hammer Museums "Made.A." biennial. (Also walking were artists Julian Klincewicz and Hayden Dunham, whereas Bjarne Melgaard and Nate Lowman opted to take it all in from the front row.).

This time, though, the models hardly had the chance to get frisky. Halfway between fashion and pornographies, almost completely undressed couples make real sex in front of the camera. Related: How Models Ended Up Having Actual Sex in Eckhaus Latta's Spring 2017 Campaign. A campaign in full, nSFW style. Coco, their latest video collaboration in partnership with the Berlin- and.A.-based filmmaker Alexa Karolinski, whose trailer is premiering exclusively here, stars the labels usual suspects, like Juliana Huxtable and. Coco after Markss first love, a Dachshund, will be on loop inside New Yorks Museum of Arts and Design as a part of its fashion after Fashion exhibition, which features six designers that are thinking, and making the institution think, about fashion anew. The sudden nihilism did not come out of nowhere.

Obscured each, too racy, element what remains is what we believe is happening between those sheets. Also among the cast was Thea Westreich, a collector who owns an office in Soho, which is where Eckhaus, Latta, and Karolinski set up shop, leaving each model alone in the bathroom. With the door closed, shutting out even the director of photography, models were left completely alone, save for the tools to take things into their own hands: a camera on a tripod and a list of index cards with prompts that. And its important to be doing these things that feel so counter to where our government seems to be going at the moment, and really sink into that excitement. No wonder, then, that they were tired, camped out on the carpeted upstairs floor that served as the backstage of their fall 2017 show, in a former womens workwear store somehow still in all its 90s glory on 34th Street. The designers, mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have never been ones to operate in a conventional way when it comes to their fashion labelinstead of design, the pair studied sculpture and textiles, after all, at art schoolbut for Fall 2017. India Menuez, plus a newer, always diverse roster of names, from the collector Ethan Wagner to the Graham Marks.

Still, their fledgling films have come a long way from 2012, just a year after they started their brand on the Lower East Side, and a friend introduced them to Karolinski because she thought they might share sensibilities. Eckhaus Latta, the American brand of Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, for the SS17 gamble everything on a nsfw campaign. Ost-Election Eckhaus Latta Turns Melancholy Into Action for Fall 2017. How you get away from being melancholic to more joyful and self-empowered. I think its illegal to fire someone based on their voting preference, but Latta said, trailing off as Eckhaus stopped her to add, I dont think I know anyone who has an opposite voting preference, which is a scary thing but also a real thing.


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Featuring Thea Westreich Wagner. Slide 1 of 40, but despite the typical art-world showing, and their election-induced misgivings, Eckhaus and Latta are still as committed as ever to the industryas long as its on their own terms. This time, the monologues are getting a much more public airing: from this Thursday until August, the 40-minute film, which was named. As it turned out, though, their hiatus was hardly much of a hiatus at all: the pair actually spent those two months off producing their first ever pre-fall collection, which they showed to stores but wont unveil until later this spring. It was hardly the first time they picked an unlikely location: among their oeuvre are home videos following two friends in what Latta called pretty robust looks around Home Depot, and a 45-minute film of another friend dancing in a far-off warehouse. And then coming out of that and being like, 'Well, we love what we do, it feels important to us'. Latta recalled of their original brainstorming session, which actually started with 20 ideas (and which the group still holds, often, as Karolinski added, over FaceTime with a glass of wine.). Actual reality TV, as Latta put it, in the vein of the sessions they first started two years ago at a dinner at Karolinskis house, where a dslr was set up in the bathroom for guests. She was joined this time around by the photographer. So, after a brief, mostly downcast hiatus, the pair plunged back into things in full, turning their melancholy into self-empowerment that made its way into the collection, from their protective garments, like their first real stabs at outerwear, to tight, tailored.

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Yeah, Eckhaus added with a laugh. Indeed, Eckhaus Lattas shows always feel like something of a homecoming, thanks to a recurring cast of like India Salvor Menuez, Alexandra Marzella, Camilla Deterre, and Michael Bailey Gates, plus gorgeous old moms, as Latta cougar danmark slet profil tarm flør første date called them, like the artist. The election put a weird thump in our lives and kind of sidetracked us for a moment and really made us question things, Eckhaus continued. I remember being in the studio and then crying and going to a protest and being like, Okay, how do we deal with this? Always deployed in the fight against gender barriers, for the SS17 collection have hired the Korean photographer. Still from a video. Eckhaus Latta is a bathroom. You gotta start somewhereand Im not saying with buying designer clothes, Latta said. Collier Schorr, whose partner Holli Smith styled the models hair, and who bragged to Eckhaus and Latta backstage that she didnt once crack a smile on the runway, even when the stylist Alastair McKimm kept calling her name. Their names are, mike Eckhaus and, zoe Latta and together form the irreverent, american brand.